An archive of some of the research and published material produced by Allister and Dan which is related to the Imperfect Cinema project.

Please use the green links below to download or access articles & information about our research activities, and please do feel free to peruse or use any of the information contained therein for your own projects, (although if you do end up using any of it we would really appreciate a shout-out, mention or citation ok!)


Towards an Imperfect Cinema: Participatory Film as Research

(Allister’s PhD thesis documenting the imperfect cinema project and the interrogation of the emancipatory potential of the idea of imperfection)

Imperfect Cinema: Participation, Micro Cinema & DiY Punk

(Our paper for the ‘Dirty Hands’ symposium, Plymouth UK, which considers the inherent trans-disciplinarity of the Imperfect Cinema project)

One+One Film-makers Journal Article:

(Our paper published in the May 2011 edition of this exciting new online & print periodical, which considers the political aesthetic of Imperfect Cinema)

Making Futures International Conference 2011:

(Our paper ‘Imperfect Cinema: Making Futures?’ Presented at the Making Futures 2 Conference, September 2011

Towards an Imperfect Film Practice

(Allister’s pre-Imperfect Cinema paper for the 2010 British Radical Screens Symposium, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK)

Flipside Film Festival

(Dan’s 2008 pre-Imperfect Cinema film festival project which similarly explored the dialectic potential of a DIY Punk – Cinematic convergence)




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