Future Imperfect

The first Future Imperfect symposium will take place in Plymouth on the 1st of April 2017.

Location: Plymouth University

Call for: Papers/films/performances

Submission deadline: January 16th 2017

We invite submissions for Future Imperfect, a multi-disciplinary event that brings together makers and researchers across cinema, sound and moving image. Future Imperfect will feature papers, workshops, screenings and a live participatory performance in the evening.

The future has often been the subject of Cinema, bringing into focus scientific and technological discoveries, stories and ways of seeing the world. Cinema has also been seen as collective, political and utopian, using the camera lens to capture and share the experience of everyday lives. The term Cinema is described as the art of the moving image. A cinema is also a space for showing films to the public. Cinema is therefore understood as an umbrella term: for moving image, sound and time-based forms.

Cinema circulates. Cinema expands. Cinema is medium specific. Cinema is the other. Cinema is aesthetic. Cinema is improvisational, ephemeral and transitory. Cinema is analogue. Cinema is digital. Cinema is industry. Cinema is research. Cinema is collective. Cinema is popular. Cinema is installation. Cinema is performance. Cinema is interactive. Cinema is social. Cinema is interdisciplinary. Cinema is participatory.

Cinema is imperfect.


Anna Schober’s work explores public life focusing on its historic, political, aesthetic and affective aspects. Professor of Visual Culture Studies at Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt and author of several books, including The Cinema Makers which ‘investigates how cinema spectators became cinema makers through such practices as squatting in existing cinema spaces, organizing cinema “events,” writing about film, and making films themselves’.


Melanie Manchot employs photography, video, film and sound to explore performative and participatory situations. Recent solo exhibitions include Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne (2016), Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (2016), fig-2 at the ICA, London (2015), Galerie M, Bochum (2015), the Toronto Photography Festival (2012), Nuit Blanche, Paris (2011) and the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (2010).



Voice & Performance

Led by artist, feminist activist and writer Rose Gibbs. Her works are interconnected and exploratory of the possibilities of consciousness-raising, taking gender as a starting point for considering subjectivity and its role in shaping the cultural landscape.


Imperfect Cinema

Led by Allister Gall and Dan Paolantonio, Imperfect Cinema is a d.i.y film project that explores the emancipatory potential of imperfection, by developing open access venues for cinema-makers and viewers – a cinema of imperfection.

Imperfect Orchestra

Imperfect Orchestra is an eclectic ensemble of musicians whose aim it is to bring back the experience of live music accompaniments to film, theatre, dance, performance art, and many other forms.


Imperfect VR Workshop

Led by Michael Staeubig, a play theorist, game designer and creative coder, exploring games and playful experiences in various media with a focus on mixed reality and transhuman play. Participants need to bring laptop and smartphone.

Future Imperfect is a joint conference and participatory symposium. A space to explore, experience and discuss ideas relating to cinema, sound and the moving image. Underpinning this is the interrogation of the potential of imperfection as an emancipatory and participatory concept.

Future Imperfect seeks to examine the role of cinema today – through discussion, performance and making. We are interested in mobilising ideas, negotiating various meanings and generating fresh perspectives. We invite proposals for papers and audio-visual work no longer than fifteen minutes.

The deadline for submissions is January 16th

Selection will be completed by February 10th

Please submit proposals by e-mail (subject of e-mail: Future Imperfect) in a PDF document attachment (if submitting audio-visual content please e-mail a link where the work can be viewed) to conference curator/organiser Allister Gall: Allister.gall@plymouth.ac.uk

All proposals submissions should include:

  • Name
  • A brief bio (no more than 100 words)
  • 250 word abstract including project title (in pdf format)
  • Title and running time for the paper/performance/video/film/exhibition
  • Full name, contact details, and institutional affiliation (if any)
  • Any technical requirements (projector, DVD player, sound, etc.)

It is intended that a selection of audio visual content, films or papers presented during the symposium will be developed for future publication and projects.

Future Imperfect is organised by symposium curator Dr Allister Gall, Katy Richardson, Dan Paolantonio and supported by Moving Image Arts and the Artistic Research Theme at Plymouth University.


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